Annual Subscription

Package A

RM 1590.00/ Year (Inclusive of 6% SST)

  • Acts Supplement
  • Legislative Supplement A & B
  • Court Rules, Codes, Constitution, Court Form
  • Procedures, Ordinances, Bills Supplement
  • Perintah-perintah Am
  • Gazette Notification [Federal and States Gazettes (excluding Sabah)],(HDA), (ID),(Patents)
  • Trademark up to December 2019)
  • Istilah, Latin Dictionary

Package B

RM 1378.00/ Year (Inclusive of 6% SST)

  • This package consists of everything except for the State governments’ gazettes
  • For any individually added state gazette, the customers will need to pay an extra RM 100

Package C

RM 1060.00/ Year (Inclusive of 6% SST)

  • Acts supplement, Legislative supplement A&B (Federal)

Package D

RM 1060.00/ Year (Inclusive of 6% SST)

  • Gazette Notification (Main Gazette), Housing Development Act, Industrial Designs Act, Patent Act and Trademarks up to 2019

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