Learn About Us is a website by PNMB-LawNet, an Internet Division of Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB). We provide an Online Library of Malaysian Laws which contains the AUTHORITATIVE text of the Laws of Malaysia.

It is comprehensive and easy to use and is catered for Governement and Administrative Offices and Departments, Lawyers, Legal Advisors, Academicians, University Students and anyone who have a daily need to refer to Malaysian Laws. It delivers the most convenient and efficient solution for users through direct networking and for quick and easy access to a continuously expanding database without time and geographical limitations.

Our slogan is "Malaysian Laws at your fingertips" We give subscribers the advantage of having up-to-date laws at a click of the mouse, doing away with uncertainty and the danger of relying on outdated laws. It also does away with the cutting and pasting of the hard copies i.e. the conventional method of updating statutes by clipping out the amendments and pasting them over the old laws. The other advantages of using LawNet are : .

  • instant access to relevant Section of an Act of Parliament;
  • relevant hot links from one Act of Parliament to another Act of Parliament; ;
  • latest updated Acts of Parliament which are not yet in hard copy; and ;
  • saving on valuable office space. ;

Our aim is to make LawNet as an indispensable tool for gathering information and providing accurate answers. LawNet helps legal, business and government personnel to use information more productively.

LawNet has started its operation since 1998 and has since included Updated Acts of Parliament, Principal Acts (Original), Amendment Acts, Ordinances, Bills Supplement, Updated Rules & Regulations, Legislative Supplement (A), Legislative Supplement (B), Federal Constitution, Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code, National Land Code, Rules of Court, Court Forms, General Orders and"Arahan Perbendaharaan". LawNet launched its electronic Gazette (e-Gazette), an electronic version of Malaysia Gazette printed by PNMB, the official printer appointed by the Government of Malaysia since 2001.

LawNet also contains among others value-added services such as the Istilah Undang-undang, Latin Dictionary, Index of Subsidiary Legislation and selected Judgments of the Privy Council. LawNet is expanding its range of database and value-added services. .

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